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I have an unproductive hobbie of learning about strategies to become more productive. A particularly interesting and (potentially) useful resource I have found is alifeofproductivity. I highly recommend having a look.


I am an avid squash player. I have a subscription to SquashTV and have watched most of the tournaments in the past two years. During my second year at Leeds, I would play 4 or 5 times a week. I now play at the Uxbridge Squash club, once or twice a week.

During my time at Leeds, I participated in the student squash league. During my third year at Leeds, a ranking system was introduced, and in my fourth year I volunteered to produce the rankings. I decided to try to automate it, and the result is this spreadsheet. Here is what is in each tab of the spreadsheet:
  • Ranking: Contains the current ranking.
  • Old rankings: Contains all previous rankings.
  • League Results: Contains all the league results tables.
  • Matches: A list of all individual matches, created from League Results tab. Producing this list is main challenge of the automation process.
  • Points table: Table which shows the number of ranking points one gets for each of their matches.
  • Player Analysis: I am admittedly very pleased with this. After selecting a player, you will see all their history: their rankings and all the matches they have played. 100% macro free!